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Gauge Goes Green Sustainability Initiative

This is a living document that will be updated regularly.

Updated October 2020.

We are currently not a 100% sustainable company. Will we ever be? It’s too early to say. We are a very new brand and achieving full, true sustainability does not happen over night. However, 2020 marked the beginning of our GAUGE GOES GREEN initiative. We are focusing on three major areas: Products, Suppliers and Operations. We are working on a 3-year multi-point plan with clear, tangible and measurable goals for each of our focus areas to maximize our environmental consciousness, responsibility and sustainability. The plan includes stringent benchmarks that increase year over year. 

Our finalized plan will be available in 2021.

In terms of products, the main target is our fabric and yarn selection sourcing. For our up coming PS21 and moving forward, at least 50% of our fabrics and yarns—per collection—will be organic and/or sustainable-certified. These certifications include, Organic Standard Cotton (OSC), SustainaWOOL, 4sustainability, Tfashion and FSC. We have set a benchmark to increase our use of sustainable fabrics and yarns by 10% over the next three years. 

In terms of suppliers, Supply Chain Traceability is one of the cornerstones of our 3-year plan and we are investing heavily in this area. We have set up strict protocols for our factory partners and requested all certificates and sustainability initiative information. We work with various factories in different countries and have been on the ground at each one and are confident that they meet or exceed our sustainability goals. We are in regular communication with our factory partners to identify areas that can be optimized towards this end. 

In terms of operations there are different focus areas. One area, for example, is our use of plastics. We have begun to quantify our use of plastic in our production process and we are committed to eliminating our plastic consumption—where possible—in all the pre-identified areas and ensure only 100% reusable or recyclable plastics are used when needed.  In a separate Operations focus area, we are beginning to use 3D prototyping during our design process for specific styles, to decrease unnecessary shipping of smaller packages and fabric waste. 

We are deeply aware that every effort we make, no matter how small, has a massive impact globally in the long run and we are committed to leaving the smallest footprint possible. 


The GAUGE81 Team